What Makes a Car “Collectible”

Types of Collectible Cars

When looking at the car collections of automobile aficionados, you will find these collections fall into four predominant categories:

  • Exotic: These luxury vehicles are aspirational, the kind of vehicle you might see on a poster in a child’s room. Featuring striking design and appointed with the most exclusive features on the market, an exotic car will always turn heads on the streets of Chicago. From the Porsche Panamera to the Lamborghini Gallardo, exotic cars offer impeccable design and unrivaled power.
  • Antique: While there is some debate on age, the general consensus according to the Antique Automobile Club of America is that vehicles over 25 years old qualify as antique.
  • Muscle Car: These iconic cars came into existence in the 60’s and were known for their growling engines and impressive horsepower and torque. Whether it’s a classic like the Ford Mustang, or powerful modern designs like Dodge’s Hellcats, muscle cars offer power and style more reminiscent of brute strength.
  • Classic Cars: Standards for what defines a classic car varies between states, but the Classic Car Club of America defines a classic car as a completely restored vehicle that was originally produced between 1925 and 1948.
Original Bentley T-Series

Collectible Car Factors

There are three areas in which to judge a vehicle to see if it has the potential to be a true collectible:

  • Age: Older vehicles are harder to find and carry the additional weight of cultural and historical significance. Older models the signal the turning point in design or technology for their respective brands often garner the interest of car collectors worldwide.
  • Rarity: A car can jump to collectible status when it is hard to find or carries the name of an influential designer like Carroll Shelby. Even more modern models with limited production numbers can quickly become a rare and sought after model. Companies like McLaren and Lamborghini will tend to push the limits of design and power with limited-run models, making them highly sought after.
  • Design: Attention to detail, well-appointed interiors, and bold design all have the potential to elevate a vehicle to a collectible. The ability to craft a model with a one-of-a-kind design will easily appeal to collectors. Even models that don’t look too wild, but have a seamless, flawless design are sure to become collectible, much like the Ferrari 250 GT California.

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